Who are we ?

The company ALMINDOR is based in the North of France. She cares about the planet and the future. It specializes in ready-to-wear.


Preserving environment is a concern for many.

ALMINDOR has chosen to put ecology at the heart of its activity . It is for this reason that we try to respect an ecological approach for each of the different stages of our work.

So concretely, what does this imply? < / h3>

We work mainly with textile companies engaged in an ecological approach , respectful of the environment and human work (STANDARD 100 certifications by OEKO-TEX®; OCS, affiliation with the Fair Wear Foundation).

Of course, textiles are not everything on a garment. What about the ink? Your visuals come to life thanks to inks with water 100% eco-certified by the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® . But still ? Our inks therefore take care of your skin, by banishing chemicals, but are also much more respectful of the environment.

Besides textiles, you know, ALMINDOR offers other ecological products such as the gourd or the mugs . These products are great eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bottles and cups: they avoid waste, fill up endlessly and can last for years if you maintain them properly.

In addition, these products are much healthier , from a health point of view, than plastic bottles (plastic that pollutes water).

Finally, the packaging of our products. Again, by ecological commitment, ALMINDOR refuses the use of plastic packaging. On the menu, therefore, of our expeditions: packaging in nice cardboard pockets recyclable or, depending on the size of the product, in flexible bags made of recycled materials .

Even stationery (delivery slips for example) showcases recycled paper .

So go ahead, cross the course and bring your stone to the building!