What are the advantages of buying organic clothing?

You will discover in this article the benefits of Organic cotton .

Indeed , Le cotton organic is the new < span> ecological textile material and trendy. It can be used to design any so-called "traditional" garment.

You will realize the considerable advantages of organic conton compared to traditional cotton.


The key figures, cotton is:

  • The third consumer of irrigation water, after rice and wheat
  • On average it takes 15,000 liters of water consumed to produce a single kilo of traditional cotton.

Organic cotton is:

  • Only 0.1% of world cotton production, at the moment it is not yet produced enough.
  • The use of pesticides natural
  • Lower water consumption ( divided by 25 on average )
  • < li> Correct production conditions
  • A flexible and sweet
 organic-benefits cotton

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1 - Organic cotton, a friend of the environment

Organic cotton is above all ecological. production requires crop rotation: this method involves regularly changing the location of the plantations to avoid the spread of disease. This improves soil fertility and uses less water. organic cotton cultivation also uses artisanal irrigation methods that limit water consumption.

Inputs * are limited: no pesticides or chemical! organic cotton producers use organic insecticides, pesticides or engr natural ais. They make their own inputs, an economic advantage for them. The cultivation of organic cotton therefore does not exhaust the soil and is in no way harmful to the animal species living in the vicinity. This is called eco responsibility !

* any product added to agricultural crops

2 - Organic cotton, a friend of your skin

Textiles treated with pesticides or heavy metals can be harmful to our health. clothes made of organic cotton are recommended for people with sensitive skin, especially babies and young children, even if everyone can appreciate the benefits of organic textiles and eco-responsible!

Organic cotton but also virgin wool, natural silk or linen are natural fibers that go perfectly with the skin, which can then breathe easily. If they are treated and modified with chemicals, they lose their properties.

An organic cotton textile design can reduce the health risks of pesticides and chronic diseases.


3 - Organic cotton, the friend of workers < / p>

Organic cotton crops are more economical than their traditional counterparts. They make it possible to reduce expenditure, in particular by manufacturing their own inputs.

In the cotton industry, workers are poisoned because of the different treatments applied to it . They are exposed to heavy metals, dyes and many other substances dangerous to their health. Working conditions are neglected for industrial production at lower cost above all.

The organic cotton industry is more respectful of working conditions, in particular thanks to the restriction of prod

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