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The fashion industry isn’t all green. The release of CO2, water pollution and even the chemical treatment of clothing herald an alarming ecological finding. Today, consumers and major ready-to-wear brands are turning to a mode more responsible and quality.


In our current society, the power of consumption is so entrenched that it is difficult to change overnight. This is done gradually because we must first become aware of the problem in order to be able to solve it.

A first step would be quite simply to lower demand so that companies produce less: favoring need over desire in short.

Then a ethical, ecological and sustainable fashion to preserve the planet: that is to say start by choosing resources that will be respectful of the environment such as hemp, flax or organic cotton.

But, how many clothes are unsold or sleep in our closet and end up in the trash? Don't throw away! Prefer donating to associations or even recyclage.

Without forgetting that behind all these products, there are people who work at a lower cost and sometimes in unsanitary premises without any safety standard.

Almindor to opt for a ethical fashion , responsible and eco-friendly by offering clothing certified ethical by the Fair Wear Foundation and made from organic cotton .



“Being green and responsible, OK. But it's too expensive!”
Yes, dressing ethically and organically usually costs more, BUT opting for materials like < strong> cotton organic used by Simple, for example, you choose a sustainable , material solid and comfortable . By opting for a Simple t-shirt, you are buying a 20 € t-shirt that will last you several years and not 3 7 € t-shirts that will last you barely a year. Result: you save savings , your purchase has less negative impact on the environment and you throw away less!

Ethical fashion means changing your way of being and your outlook on fast fashion while keeping your dress style!

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